Benefits of HACCP for your food business

Benefits of HACCP for your food business

HACCP is not just a tool for managing the food hygiene and safety within the food industry, it also offers a number of valuable benefits which are discussed below.

What is HACCP?

HACCP entails analysing all food risks in your business and identifying the main risk areas. Focus is then placed on these risks to ensure they are eliminated or cut to the safest possible level.

Comprehensive staff training in essential procedures helps ensure HACCP operates successfully within a business and accurate record keeping helps provide evidence that the system is working.

Benefits of HACCP for business

Once all food workers are trained to follow HACCP procedures, every business will benefit from cost efficiencies. These cash savings will be evidenced all the way through the business cycle: from the purchase of ingredients to production. This is due to the fact that workers will be able to source the best food products and ensure the best methods of storage are in place. The display and service of foods to customers will also be handled more effectively and in the safest possible way.

Ultimately, HACCP provides preventative procedures to cut risks and food hazards, but all these activities impact on bottom line profits. Added cost benefits of HACCP procedures include:

– Long term cost savings to ensure increased business profitability
– Cuts all risks of health hazards to customers
– Increases the food safety practices and standards within the business
– Ensures legal compliance with all food and hygiene regulations
– Increases the standards of the food supplied by any organisation
– Ensures processes are in place for the production of safe foods
– Helps build efficiency and ensure teamwork within the workplace
– HACCP records are a legitimate due diligence defence if worst case scenarios mean your business is taken to court
– HACCP procedures combine well with other types of quality management systems in food businesses

Magna Food Health and Safety provide Food Safety consultancy services to help businesses of any kind set up HACCP procedures that work. We also offer training and e-learning in HACCP geared to suit the needs of your food workers. Get in touch here for more details.