How do I obtain a Food Safety certificate?

How do I obtain a Food Safety certificate?

Working in Catering or Manufacturing – preparing, handling and serving food – brings with it a significant degree of responsibility. Poor hygiene and a disregard for the wellbeing of your customers risks the spread of infection and it’s easy to underestimate the potential impact that a food-borne illness could have. Every year in the UK, there are over half a million cases of food poisoning as a result of poor catering practices, such as undercooked food or infection with bacteria. For most customers, food poisoning is extremely unpleasant but for the elderly or children, it can be fatal.

Consequently, it’s unsurprising that the discerning customer will expect caterers to have appropriate Food Safety training. By investing in the professional development of your staff, you can demonstrate your business’ commitment to providing the highest standards to your colleagues and customers. If you’re looking to forge a career in the food industry, then a food safety certificate could put you ahead of your rivals when you are applying to your dream role.

A Food Safety certificate is evidence that you have the appropriate knowledge and understanding of a range of safety and hygiene issues, such as the correct storage and handling of food, the safe use of equipment, the main hazards in food preparation, effective cleaning techniques and the legal framework that applies to caterers.

A certificate can be gained in a variety of ways; for the ultimate in convenience, online food safety training can be completed at an individual’s own time and pace from an accredited provider, but it is also possible to receive training in a ‘classroom-based’ environment. Different types and levels of food safety training courses can be taken, for example, to prepare professionals for working in different environments, such as manufacturing or retail, or to focus on specific risks, such as allergens.

By undertaking Food Safety training, you can demonstrate that you are competent to work within the food industry in a safe and hygienic manner that will consistently put the health and wellbeing of your customers at the heart of your practice, giving consumers and employers absolute confidence in your abilities.

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