How does Food Safety impact the customers experience?

How does Food Safety impact the customers experience?

In England, displaying the Food Rating Certificate is not mandatory like it is in Wales and Northern Ireland, but very few customers would consider reserving a table in any establishment that failed to display its rating. Most customers would consider food safety as a key factor when selecting where to eat. That is why it makes perfect business sense to consider all aspects of food safety.

Cleanliness rated above service

In a recent survey, customers placed cleanliness and hygiene above service. This makes perfect sense, really. Poor service might annoy and irritate the customer, but it probably won’t have an impact on health. 61% of consumers surveyed said they’d never eat in a place rated two or below. It’s clear then that food safety has a massive business impact.

Food Safety means better business

A Food Safety incident not only closes a business temporarily. In most cases, it is the death knell. With social media and traditional media reporting, commenting and judging a food safety incident, there’s no way back.

Most consumers wouldn’t consider returning to a restaurant that had been implicated. Why would they? With so much choice on the market, there’s no need to take a risk. That’s why it is essential for owners to have food safety management systems that work. It’s why many seek advice from food safety consultants to make sure food safety is a priority.

Training staff is essential

Employees are one of the biggest costs in the food industry. The high turnover of staff can be frustrating. However, every staff member, new or experienced, needs to be fully trained, aware and operating to a high level of food safety and hygiene.

In a bustling work environment, owners need to free up time for training without impacting on food safety. A perfect solution is online food safety training. This removes the burden of time-consuming paperwork but ensures that your business meets the necessary requirements and compliance. Food records can be stored online securely, and owners can be alerted when action is needed.

Food Safety is maintained by all staff, giving both you and your customers peace of mind.