What are the four C’s of Food Safety?

What are the four C’s of Food Safety?

The four C’s of food safety are there to help you maintain the best possible standards of hygiene. Whether you’re cooking at home for your family or you’re a part of a busy dinner service in a Michelin-starred restaurant, always observe the four C’s of food safety – Cleaning, Cooking, Chilling, and Cross-Contamination!


It may seem obvious, but you should always remember to clean as you go, whatever you’re preparing or cooking. Remember to make sure you’re using cleaning products properly – always read and follow the instructions. Keep in mind the distinction between detergents and disinfectants. Detergents cut through oil, grease, and grime, while disinfectants are used to reduce bacteria to safe levels.


Whatever you’re cooking, always ensure you follow the recipe instructions properly. That includes heating the oven to the correct temperature and leaving food to cook for the right period of time. If you’re cooking items such as pork and chicken, it’s always essential that you ensure the meat is cooked thoroughly to avoid the risk of food poisoning.


Ensure any refrigerators operate at the proper temperature – around 4°C. Never place hot food directly into the fridge, always allow up to 90 minutes to cool to room temperature before chilling. You may need to divide items in order for them to chill in the time required (i.e. 90 mins). Regularly de-ice your refrigerator if necessary. Foods stored in the fridge should be eaten relatively quickly – and any prepared foods shouldn’t be left for any more than three days to include the day of cooking.


This is mainly from raw to cooked and raw does not only mean meats but also vegetables and fruits as well as cleaning chemicals, etc. Raw ingredients, such as meat and vegetables, should always be stored separately. Similarly, use different mops and buckets, different cloths, and different sponges when cleaning. Always thoroughly scrub your hands after handling raw food.

Ensuring Food Safety

Remembering the four C’s of food safety is an easy way for you to ensure you’re cooking in the cleanest and safest way possible. Investing some time into making it a habit to cook in line with the four C’s really is worth it – not only for your safety but for the safety of your diners too.