What is a physical Food Safety hazard?

What is a physical Food Safety hazard?

If you’re preparing food or serving it, then it’s crucial that you’re aware of any potential hazards. Simple mistakes can be extremely dangerous.

A focus on food safety will keep your catering business running, risk-free. There are three potential types of food safety hazard that you’ll need to watch out for – physical, chemical and biological.

What is a physical Food Safety hazard?

A physical food safety hazard can also be described as ‘foreign matter’. It’s an object, or part of an object, that has found its way into the food.

Physical food safety hazards to watch out for include earring backs, plasters, pieces of plastic packaging, small bones and bone chips, insects and strands of hair, to name but a few.

These are things that nobody wants to find in their meal. If you’re preparing or serving food, it’s absolutely essential that you do your best to reduce the risk of a physical food safety issue.

How do you avoid a physical Food Safety hazard?

Having up-to-date online food safety training, and the support and guidance of food safety consultants, can ensure that you’re reducing your risk.

As a starting point, use blue food-safe plasters that are easy to spot if they accidentally fall into food. Make sure that everyone involved in the food prep process is wearing a suitable hairnet.

Don’t wear jewellery when preparing food, and visually inspect every meal before it’s served to a customer. Often, all it takes is a little care and attention.

Effective pest control is also important. This will reduce the risk of insects, or larger creatures, finding their way into your food stock.

Follow the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) approach, to reduce the risk of all food hazards.

How to identify Food Safety hazards

Food Safety consultants can work with you to create a working system. They’ll identify potential risks, and ways to reduce those risks, from sieving ingredients like flour before they’re used to ensure correct food storage.

Employee education makes a considerable difference to health and safety outcomes. With Magna Food, Health & Safety training, including a range of e-learning food safety courses, all employees can learn about identifying and reducing risks.