What is HACCP Level 3 Training?

What is HACCP Level 3 Training?

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a seven-step food management system that needs to be implemented by businesses who work in the food industries. All managers or supervisors need to be part of the HACCP planning process, so that all members of staff are implementing safe food standards. One way to ensure that you have the correct knowledge and skills to train your staff and to fully understand the HACCP management system is by undertaking a level 3 course. Below we explore what HACCP level 3 entails and the many benefits that it offers you and your business.

Course Overview

The level 3 course will cover in detail the seven HACCP principles. They are: hazard analysis, critical control points, critical limits, monitoring critical control points, corrective action, verification of the HACCP system and documentation. Working through each of these principles will help you to better understand any possible food safety hazards and how to prevent them. You will also learn how to select control measurements and how to plan an effective and efficient HACCP system.

What’s covered during the course?

As well as covering the 7 principles, you will learn about the HACCP background, plus the Codex principles. During the course, you will also cover the application and benefits of HACCP. All aspects of food safety hazards and management will also be taught, along with case studies and the final level 3 exam

What will be achieved?

On completion of the level 3 course, learners will be able to fully explain and understand the legal requirements of implementing a HACCP system. You will be able to formulate a process diagram that will help you to put the HACCP system in place. Fundamentally, the level 3 course will ensure that you can fully formulate and implement HACCP safety standards in your workplace, keeping both workers and the public safe

Entry Requirements

It is advised that the learner should have achieved a level 2 qualification in HACCP and Food Safety. Ideal for supervisors or managers who work within retail, the catering sector or in food preparation premises

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