What level of compliance must a Food Supplier have?

What level of compliance must a Food Supplier have?

The law requires food businesses to have systems in place for identifying and responding to food safety problems with the primary aim being to protect consumer health. Part of the response may be withdrawing food from the market or even recalling food products from consumers. You must notify the Foods Standard Agency of any such interventions. Here is a summary of what level of compliance a supplier of food must have.

The General Food Law Regulation

Passed in 2002, the EU General Food Law Regulation has one main objection, which is protecting consumer interests and human health. To fulfil this aim, the statute requires that:

Food must never be unsafe

Food suppliers must be in a position to trace where their food comes from and whoever they supplied

Unsafe food should be withdrawn from the market or even recalled from consumers

Food Safety Compliance

In terms of safety, you must bear in mind the ordinary conditions of usage and the information given to consumers. Food is considered unsafe if it is unfit for consumption by humans or if it’s detrimental to health.

The Traceability Requirement

To be compliant with this regulation, a food supplier needs to be in a clear position to identify not only the businesses that supply to them but also those to whom they supply products. This enables them to supply information on demand to the authorities.

The traceability helps to achieve immediate and accurate withdrawals in case of safety concerns.

The Withdrawal / Recall Requirement

This law states that the food supplier or business must make sure that food that has left their control be withdrawn if they have reasons to suspect it doesn’t comply with safety regulations.

To decide whether the food is safe or not, a food business should consider whether the food can injure health in their normal state of use or if it is unfit for consumption.

If you are a food supplier, then you must observe the above regulations for you to be deemed compliant. Magna Food Health and Safety are the UK’s leading Food Safety Consultants and we offer several services among them online food safety training. To be sure that your business is fully compliant, it helps to hire Health & Safety Consultants who will advise you on what to do to avoid problems with the authorities.