What qualifications are available in Food Safety and Hygiene?

What qualifications are available in Food Safety and Hygiene?

Food Safety and Hygiene are extremely important for an extensive range of positions in several different industries. From those working closely with food to those who sell it in retail, it is vital that workers understand the different types of food hygiene qualifications available. There are different levels of food safety training, with many diverse elements, often customised towards the industry and role in question.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) features in most training courses. It is a framework for guaranteeing that the end product is ready for consumption and safe to eat and is now an international standard (ISO 22000 FSMS 2011). HACCP can also be used at any stage of the food production process and is important as many allergic reactions and foodborne illnesses are often the result of improper hygiene in food preparation zones.

Food Safety and Hygiene Catering Course

Anyone who works in catering or hospitality environments such as hotels and restaurants needs to be aware of the latest hygiene standards. The level 2 course complies with the EU Regulation 852/2004, which demands food businesses to guarantee that any employee who works with food is fully trained in food hygiene. The course contains lessons dedicated to food safety hazards and contamination, preservation and storage, the legislation that governs food handling and HACCP.

Level 3 Allergen Management for Caterers

This course is directed to those who purchase, deliver, produce and serve food within the catering industry. By achieving this qualification, people will be able to apply their knowledge relating to allergens at all stages of food production and purchase as well as ensuring accurate ingredient information is available for consumers at all stages of the food process.

Healthy Foods and Special Diets course

This course provides people with a primary understanding of nutrients and the components of customised diets to allow the provision and planning of well-balanced meals that will have a beneficial impact on health. The target audience is normally people who work in a location where food is being cooked and served.

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