What should you do if food delivered is not up to the required standard?

What should you do if food delivered is not up to the required standard?

Ordering food for home delivery is supposed to be a treat, so what should you do if that food is not up to the required standard? The takeaway industry is booming in the UK, but not all customers know their rights if the food which is delivered is not up to scratch.

Food Regulations

Takeaway shops are regulated in exactly the same way as restaurants, with inspections and a food safety and hygiene rating being issued. The best home delivery companies will receive a five-star grade, while those with lower ratings will have fallen short on one or more hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCPs).

Under the 2002 EU General Food Law Regulation, food must never be unsafe to consumers and must be traceable. Any food which is unsafe has to be pulled from the market. If the company you are ordering from has prepared or transported food in an unhygienic manner, then it can be extremely dangerous to health. Food poisoning is a very real possibility if food hasn’t been correctly stored, prepared and transported.

What should you do?

If your takeaway has made you ill, then you should report the company you bought it from to the Food Standards Agency (FSA). They will then be able to investigate the company and highlight flaws in their processes and systems.

The best takeaway providers will have brought in Food Safety Consultants to advise them on how they store and handle food. Health & Safety consultants can inspect each step of the chain, from sourcing ingredients right through to delivering your meal. In some instances, staff will need either one to one coaching or could enrol in an online food safety training course, such as the ones we offer at Magna Food Health and Safety.

A dodgy takeaway doesn’t just ruin an evening’s enjoyment, it could make you very ill. Knowing your consumer rights means you can get the justice you deserve if you are affected by food poisoning. Once the FSA is aware, they can intervene and see that nobody else has to suffer the same nasty surprise next time they order.