Who needs Food Safety training?

Who needs Food Safety training?

If you’re working in the food industry it’s important to be aware of who in your team will need food safety training. This provides instruction in the proper handling of food to prevent food-borne disease. UK law is clear on the need for such supervision and training but it may not be clear who in your organisation will need this training to meet the legal requirements. Here we explore who will need this essential training.

1. People who handle food

Anyone who undertaking work in an environment where food is handled requires food safety training, whether they are preparing, cooking, packaging, or serving food to customers. Food needs to be kept safe from biological, chemical and physical hazards and staff need to be trained and supervised in routinely doing this.

This requirement is covered by robust legislation. Food-borne disease costs and kills. The Food Standards Agency estimates that one million people are affected by food poisoning annually, with a cost to the UK economy of around one billion pounds. The safety of consumers is therefore protected by rigorous and enforceable legislation.

2. Owners and Operators of Food Businesses

Operators of food businesses are legally obligated to make sure that those handling food receive supervision and food hygiene training. The training of workers or employees should be appropriate for the tasks they are undertaking so that food is always handled safely.

Food business operators must be able to show where and how food is prepared and handled. This needs to be shown in writing with a food safety management system. The responsible person must have sufficient training and the managerial procedures should be based on the HACCP principles.

If you are in any doubt over whether your food business is satisfying these legal requirements it is well worth speaking with Food Safety Consultants who can advise you on the action you need to take to become compliant.

Do I need a food safety training certificate?

Not everyone handling food is legally required to have certification of their food safety training.

Certification is considered best practice and is routine in the food industry. The Basic Food Hygiene certificate satisfies this requirement. Reputable employers and business owners invest in ensuring that their staff are not only trained but certified. Certification is evidence that you have complied with the law, are competent and are fit to work safely.

To remain current with food industry knowledge and legislation it is advisable that UK Food Hygiene Certificates are updated every 3 years and even annually in some sectors.

Online Food Safety Training is a great way of keeping your team trained and certified at the level necessary for safe operation of your business. We offer a range of accredited food safety courses and can direct you to the most appropriate training for your needs.