Food Safety Consultant Services

Unlike some other food consultancy businesses here at Magna FHS Ltd., we work with clients imparting knowledge gained through decades of working in the food industry coupled with the latest in guidance and legislation relevant to any particular food business. We provide practical cost-effective advice that will ensure your food business remains legally compliant. Our consultants are fully qualified; we also believe in the continual education of our consultants and trainers and continue to invest heavily in their personal development.

We communicate successfully with Environmental Health Departments up and down the country and have the knowledge of when EHOs will or won’t take action We negotiate effective solutions for clients and challenge decisions where necessary. We have also been successful in creating Primary Authority Partnerships.

Magna FHS also believes that the way forward is having systems in place that are cloud based and capable of supporting single sites and equally multiple site organisations providing overviews at board level and specific unit level information. These unlimited cloud-based storage systems are provided to clients as part and parcel of our service provision.

Work we do includes:

  • Provision of Gap Analysis and pre-assessment to determine company’s requirements
  • Creation of complete food safety and hygiene procedures manuals including HACCP Studies; due diligence forms; tool box talks; technical guidance; legal updates; online training portals etc
  • Increase awareness and train management and staff in new policies and procedures
  • Food hygiene audits
  • Certification audits
  • Backward and Forward Traceability Tests
  • Food hygiene training – in class and online (we design food safety courses ourselves)
  • Allergen and nutritional information labelling and menu requirements for all types of people including school age children
  • Dealing with Environmental Health and Trading Standards Offices
  • Provision of 24/7 support
  • Sourcing of food laboratory analysis and testing

For more information please email us at and we promise to respond within 24 hours.