Welcome to Magna Food Health & Safety!

We are proud to be the industry-leading company for Food Safety & Health and Safety Consultancy and Training. Our aim is to help clients improve their business operations, fully train their employees, and adhere to Food, Health and Safety Standards. It is for this reason that we’ve expanded our online and in-house training courses over the years in an attempt to cater to the needs of as many clients as possible.

Always Putting Clients First

We believe that in order to stay relevant in the industry and to provide service of the highest quality, it is our duty to keep up to date with new legislation or changes to it. As such, we’re always adapting to the needs of our clients and presenting them with new courses that will help them to rapidly improve.

We’re proud of the fact that much of our business is generated by positive word of mouth, particularly amongst smaller clients. We believe that this is because our team take a hands-on approach with all clients as they aim to establish long-term business relationships. This approach allows us to deliver practical and cost-effective advice and courses that are entirely relevant to your situation.

An Experienced Team

In the time that we’ve been operating, we’ve only continued to grow and better our services. Our founder, Joe, was born into the industry and previously owned and ran an award-winning restaurant. As such, we have a wealth of useful industry experience from the top-down that we utilise in all aspects of our work. All of our team share the same passion for our work and incorporate their knowledge and skill into everything we do.

Bespoke Consultant Services

We at Magna Food Health & Safety are a consultancy that aims to ensure that all those who wish to benefit from our expertise are left confident in applying their new-found knowledge. We will meet with you to discuss your requirements and provide tailored advice on food safety and health and safety. We can arrange regular meetings to ensure that you remain compliant as new industry guidelines are released and updated.

Full Training for Your Team

Training is an integral module in addition to the consultancy packages we offer. Our staff will make sure that all clients are competent with regards to the food health and safety training they receive.

As well as informative in-class courses, we’ve made our training available online through our eLearning courses. You can check out some of these courses for yourself by visiting our online shop and get started on training up your team today!

For more information please email us at training@magna-fhs.com and we promise to respond within 24 hours.


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    Our ethos from conception has been “to excel in the services we provide”.


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    How we work


    Week 1

    Conduct Gap Analysis


    1st Month

    Agree on implementation plan


    2-6 Months

    Monthly Visits to start implementing procedures, risk assessments and manuals with an audit every 6 months


    1st Year

    With client involvement throughout the year the systems should all be in place and working

    Our App

    As part of our goal to ensuring your business stays compliant with all elements of Food, Health & Safety. We have developed DUED app, this App and platform allows all due diligence records to be recorded digitally which in turn means your records can be viewed remotely almost instantaneously. This provides your business with more control and transparency as well as reducing your companies carbon footprint. This mobile application has become an invaluable tool for all clients.

    You can learn more about our history, services, and anything else you’d like to enquire about by reaching out to our friendly team today! Call now on 0800 999 1303 or email info@duedapp.com to learn more.