DUED: The Future of Your Business’s Due Diligence Record Keeping

DUED: The Future of Your Business’s Due Diligence Record Keeping

In your business, it’s likely that the only constant when it comes to risk and compliance is that the legislative landscape is always evolving. Your due diligence processes are probably regularly evolving as well to keep up.

Whether it’s anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, GDPR or food safety or any number of other types of due diligence for regulatory purposes, the fundamentals of a due diligence defence system are the same:

Awareness of your responsibilities, ensuring compliance and recording evidence. Following due process is one thing, being able to prove it is another.

Due diligence is your business’s commitment to ensuring your responsibilities are met.

Due diligence record keeping is the method by which you record this information. Records of due diligence are essential should you ever need them as a legal defence. But, your need for due diligence procedures goes beyond covering your proverbial backside. Smart, sophisticated, joined up due diligence recording and reporting can be a fundamental aspect of your business’s process and operations management.

However, when the recording procedures are time-consuming and difficult to navigate, they can be a barrier to efficiency.

Do you feel frustrated by the time and effort required to meet the requirements to record due diligence?

Are you vulnerable to the human error factor? Could you be missing that needle in the haystack that could come back to prick you?

Enter DUED – a due diligence defence system

The name itself is an amalgamation of Due Diligence.

The app will support you, whatever the nature of your business, with end-to-end recording of all steps in any process. Dued has been designed to offer you a complete real-time due diligence defence system.

The result of using DUED : You are able to guarantee your business remains on the right side of the law at all times.

Why was DUED created?

As Health & Safety consultants, we are forever encountering businesses lacking a complete, solid due diligence process. We knew that many SMEs rely heavily on their people to record due diligence. The potential for human error meant during the auditing process we often unearthed multiple gaps and compliance lapses. These lapses can leave businesses vulnerable to risk.

If your business has moments of compliance uncertainty, DUED is there to remove it.

By offering you real-time remote monitoring of your processes, DUED can offer you and all relevant stakeholders total transparency and control of your regulatory compliance.

Who should be using DUED?

 Since our background is in health and safety and food hygiene, the app was originally designed for businesses in the hospitality and food industries. Following its success and endorsement by multiple Environmental Health Officers, it has been developed to accommodate all industries and businesses.

If your business must demonstrate due diligence in compliance with any regulations or legislation, then DUED can help you. The app is fully customisable and enables you to create forms that are unique to your business.

How can DUED benefit me?

It’s an offence under many legislative and regulatory directives not to adequately record due diligence. More than this, accurate record-keeping saves time and money and improves operational efficiency.

Compared to traditional record-keeping systems, DUED provides the following benefits:

  • It removes the need for paper, printers and toners, so is cost-saving and environmentally friendly
  • The paperless system removes the need for storage and filing systems
  • All data is securely cloud based, so this mitigates the risk of misplaced or destroyed records
  • DUED removed the potential for falsified records
  • With 24/7 remote insight and oversight into due diligence data, your managers/supervisors can keep in control even when offsite
  • Data is sharable and visible to multiple staff members to enable communication
  • Your compliance is ensured by artificial intelligence, removing the risk of human error
  • The app alerts you to compliance issues
  • All data in the app is fully auditable
  • DUED offers you clear, accurate reporting on compliance data

The DUED app offers the following features:

  • The DUED app is compatible with IOS and Android devices
  • There is a web-based admin area for managers and directors
  • DUED gives you the ability to review records from all devices/locations remotely
  • Your business can enjoy improved accountability on record-keeping
  • DUED features customisable forms
  • Your business may create specific, bespoke forms (Fees may apply)

A due diligence solution for the digital age

Built with the food and hospitality industry in mind, but now able to cater to your business in all verticals, DUED is the way to bring your due diligence recording into the digital age. Take the time, effort and paperwork out of your due diligence defence process by downloading the DUED app.

Our team are happy to talk you through how the app can make your due diligence defence system watertight, whilst improving efficiency. Find out more by emailing us at info@duedapp.com or calling 0800 999 1303.