Wash Hands Symbol vinyl sticker

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Be sure to maintain good hand hygiene within your premises by reminding people to wash their hands with this easy to understand wash hand graphic symbol or pictogram to ensure that the spreading of germs is greatly reduced. It can be easily applied to the back of a toilet door cubicle, washroom mirrors or above sinks as a reminder to wash your hands. Millions of germs are picked up in every-day activities. Hand hygiene is essential to prevent the transfer of germs to other people and surfaces. Poor hand hygiene can lead to the spread of Coronavirus, Campylobacter, Salmonella, MRSA, Impetigo and Flu.

Prevention of illness through hand hygiene is a high priority in hospitals, kitchens, public restrooms and many other environments. Fortunately, posting Hand Sanitiser signs around your business reminds everyone to follow this practice.

  • Size – 100x100mm
  • Material – Self adhesive vinyl (S/A)